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Hey all

Wondering whether we could start a single good blade listing.

Suggest that we get an ACCURATE weight (within 1 gram) AND measure the span wise CG. Also brand and size of blade.

What does everybody think?


great plan !!   I've got a few 1/2 sets of blades   :oops:  :oops:  :oops: hafta get some accurate scales ...

OK, I'll kick things off with

--- Code: ---
1 x SAB 680mm: 173.7g

--- End code ---

CG unknown - could put it on the Koll if anyone really wants me to.

Hey will

By CG I meant just get the blade on, say, a ruler and give a close measurement.

As soon as I get access to some scales, we will have some more


i have a carbontech in vgc 550 length thats all i know


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