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Author Topic: Simulator: Reflex XTR - Calibration Procedure  (Read 1613 times)

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Simulator: Reflex XTR - Calibration Procedure
« on: July 07, 2005, 01:02:47 PM »
Getting the calibration procedure done correctly is essential to getting a good flying simulation experience.  

Turn you throttle trim all the way down.  
If you are using a Futaba 9C set the ATL feature on.
(Makes the throttle trim only work on the low end of throttle)

Set your pitch and throttle curves to min/zero/max - straight line curves.

Open up the channel display by pressing F8 or using the "Radio/Channel Display" menu.  
Adjust the end points on all channels to give min and max values of -100 and +100.

On my Futaba 9C here are the end points I ended up with:

AIL 108/108
ELE 108/108
THR 109/80
RUD 108/108
GRY 87/87
PIT 80 / 82

Now set your gyro to the middle of the range.
On a Futaba 9C in std mode this is 50 or in GY mode it is 0.
Assign the gyro to a three way switch if possible, min/middle/max.

Now perform the calibrate center function in the "Radio/Calibrate Centre" menu

Now go through the assign channels procedure, hit F7 or use the "Radio/Assign Channels" menu.  The following window will appear.

All you have to do is follow the instructions at the bottom
where in the above picture it says "Center all controls".  
During channel assignment you will be told to move the aileron to the right,
the elevator to the front, etc.  Just read it and do it.  
For functions that are not applicable (like flaps) just press tab instead.

There are two traps within this procedure.

Because our throttle and pitch curves are the same,
XTR is often unable to decide which channel is the pitch and throttle,
the settings will be wrong, so you have to fix this manually at the end of the procedure.  
As you can see within the red boxes in the above window,
I have selected channel 6 for the pitch and channel 3 for the throttle.

You can also use the channel monitor to view the channel activity
which will help you to resolve the above problem

Autorotation: This channel assignment is not required if you are using a heli TX with throttle and pitch mixing curves,
so deselect which ever channel XTR picked (buy clicking on the channel button that is down, it will pop up).

Ok - we have now performed the calibration procedure.

Select the model you wish to use, "Model/Select Model" menu.
Now use the "Model/Modify Model Params" menu.
There are 3 settings we want here:
1) Governor = off
2) Transmitter Mixing Pitch->Throttle = on
3) Gyro System = Piezo-Integral (this is a heading hold gyro)

Now you can setup your normal, hold and idle up curves.
Also set the gyro sensitivity.

If HOLD does not work, meaning the engine RPM does not drop to idle,
just turn down the throttle hold idle speed in your TX
At some point XTR will notice this and idle the engine
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Simulator: Reflex XTR - Calibration Procedure
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2005, 01:16:05 PM »
I should have explained that XTR has two modes of operation.

One mode is for a basic TX that cannot be used to fly a heli.
(Does not have enough throttle/pitch/gyro functions).
In this mode, you use the XTR govenor,
and use a channel assigned to a switch to signal autorotation.

The above setup assumes you are using a decent heli capable TX.
Hence we don't need the governor - our curves will do it.
We don't need the autorotation channel assignement
as just hitting hold on the TX will achieve the same result.
This configuration method is required if you wish to practice
inverted autorotations - however you will need to use a heli
with a decent amount of blade inertia - heavy blades.

You can infact turn both Governor and transmitter pitch->throttle mixing functions on,
in this mode your throttle curve tells XTR what head speed to use,
so you use a flat line curve at the desired speed
(the hold function will still cut it down and work correctly)
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