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Turning up the wick


Getting excited!! Amazed at how the Tdr2 didnt even seem stressed at that headspeed. Higher kv motor and video hopefully soon. Unbelievable machine. Hats off to Jan!!!👍👍👍

Ok so finally got around to putting a bigger motor in and feeling very excited!! Xblades are coming in the mail so hopefully next week we can do a video of this machine doing its thing at 2700 Rpm with 713 blades!!! Woohooo

Ok so the TDR2 is in complete speed trim now. Speed blades arrived yesterday and she is ready for the wild ride to come. Just have to wait for some good weather now. Can't wait. Post a video just as soon as we get this beast out!!!

Ozzy Mozzy:
Can't wait to hear the sound of this screaming past :notworthy:



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