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New Minicopter Diabolo 600.

The Diabolo 600 is designed as a bridge model between the Diabolo 550 and the Diabolo 700. In doing so, all those elements which are responsible for the good flying characteristics and the high robustness of the two brothers should be taken constructively. Nevertheless the Diabolo 600 with some partly completely new features is an independent model.

The Diabolo 600 is based on the chassis design on the other Diabolo models. The box chassis guarantees maximum stability and low maintenance costs in everyday operation. In contrast to the large Diabolo, however, the toothed belt drive was not located below the front wheel, but rather just above, in order to achieve an optimum position of the tail tube. The chassis is the same as the Diabolo 700. In order to make possible a possible change of the rear-toothed belt or of the two toothed wheels as simple as possible, a chassis with a quick-change possibility for these components was created. A toothed belt change is thus limited to 10-15 minutes, as is the change of the gears.

The 30mm tailpipe can now be displaced to the correct setting of the toothed belt tension by means of a setting device until it reaches the desired tension.

All shaft diameters were taken over by the Diabolo, so the main rotor shaft 10mm, the blade bearing shaft 8mm and the rear rotor shaft 6mm are strong, all hardened to have sufficient reserves in everyday operation. Furthermore, it was possible to make use of the tambour disk bearing especially designed for the Diabolo with extremely low play. The main gear comes from the Diabolo 700 and has plenty of reserves.
All bearing blocks are not only narrower, but also thinner, with a particularly strong aluminum alloy.

For all cable installations, bores for cable ties and breakthroughs have been created in order to be able to lay cables quickly and easily. For receivers, Flybarless system etc a generously sized platform is available.

The airbag is fixed non-slip with two or four Velcro straps which can be fixed from below. The model can be operated universally with 6s to 12s accumulators by the continuous battery power.

The tail rotor corresponds to that of the diabolos. In the case of the main rotor, the SRC ("single-rod-control") driver system (DBGM), which has been tried and tested in the Diabolo 550, is replaced by a lever. Above the swash plate, the large ball joints of the Diabolos are used for maximum safety.

The hood has been especially optimized for 3D flying. The suspension points as well as the position on the mechanics correspond to the Diabolo 700 so that the 3D hood can be used both on the Diabolo 700 and the hood of the Diabolo 700 on the Diabolo 600.

Serves as standard servos.

A type with a stator diameter of 40 mm and a stator length of 25-35 mm is recommended as a motor.

Recommended equipment:

Engine: Engine with max. 40mm Ø, e.g. X-Nova 4025-1120, X-Nova 4035-480, Kontronik Pyro 700

Regulator: Hobbywing Platinum 120 V4, Platinum 130HV V4

TS servos: e.g. Futaba BLS471

Backhoe: e.g. Futaba BLS276

Receiver: e.g. Futaba 6303 or Graupner GR18

FBL system: Bavarian Demon Axon, V-Stabi NEO, GR18, Brain, or similar.

Battery: 6s / 5000 - 12s / 3000

Technical specifications
Rotor diameter: 1.35-1.42m (blade length: 600-625mm)
Weight ready to go without battery: from 2,8 kg
Two-stage, quiet running helical-toothed spur gear
Smooth belt drive of the tail rotor
Quick-change system for toothed belt (DBGM)
All gears easily interchangeable
Rear rotor diameter: 280 mm (blade length: 100mm)
Length with hood: 121 cm
Length without hood: 106 cm
Height: 32 cm
Sled width 18 cm
Hanging accupack with hook-and-loop bands for high center of gravity
Battery: 62 mm high, 52 mm wide
Rotary right direction

Ozzy Mozzy:
mmmmmm I like it!!!

I would consider one, but I would also consider the new TDF as well.....

What's up with the Daft Punk style canopy... ;)
Nothing really too wowing about these Diabolo releases, a good proven design for sure but there's nothing too exciting about it.

Ozzy Mozzy:
I'm excited lol.... It's about time they did a 600


--- Quote from: ChopsyWA;1621710 ---What's up with the Daft Punk style canopy... ;)
Nothing really too wowing about these Diabolo releases, a good proven design for sure but there's nothing too exciting about it.
--- End quote ---

The game has been stepped up considerably for the 600 class helis. I've owned a JR Nex E8, TT X50E, Logo 600SX V2 and presently fly a Compass 6HVU. With a braceless boom, over engineered drivve train, high end german production in a lightweight carbon frame (plastic logo 600 range) it looks like there will soon be a true boutique performance 600 heli...Never had a high end hardcore option like this before.I think the flight performance and precision will be next level and this will be my next new heli.

Agree and not to sure on the canopy though...different graphics may help.


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