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Synergy E5 to E5S and now E5SS

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Ozzy Mozzy:
I bought this Synergy E5 second hand from a member on this forum ages ago..... set it up as a 6s on 550 blades. It was the Heli that helped me gain some confidence and I learnt a lot more with this one....

I often wondered what it would be like to Super Stretch it to take 700 blades but opted to settle and stretched it to take 600 blades and changed it to a 12s setup using 2 x 3300mah lipos, I was instantly impressed and totally hooked on this size.

But the idea of the super stretch got the better of me and I just couldnt help myself...... as expected it was an easy job and now she flys on 690 blades on the same setup I had for the 600 blades previous. Oh except the ESC, I had a CC120HV now its got the CC80HV...... RTF weight is 4.3kg and at 1900HS she moves!!!




4.3kg would have to be the lightest 700 around! :o

Ozzy Mozzy:

--- Quote from: Grubscrew;1619633 ---4.3kg would have to be the lightest 700 around! :o
--- End quote ---

I think the Logo 690 is around the same.....

Ozzy Mozzy:
I’m going to try a single 6s and 7s pack in this, hopefully this weekend if the weather is ok....

I did this on my Agile 7.2 and from memory it wasn’t too bad..... I think this E5SS will be a lot better being so light!!

Ozzy, I'm curious what adjustments you made to rebalance the heli for the longer boom to take the 690 mains?
Much difference to battery position?

I'm currently running 12s 2x3300mah packs and 626 Rails on my E5s.


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