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All TSA parts under $5.

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Such a shame. These were really really good models. Pity TSA lost interest in themselves.


Wow you weren't kidding has TSA closed up shop ?

Dar Tin now TSA. Who's next?

I'm unsure if TSA has closed up, i would think this is model flight clearing them out as they don't want to have them anymore.

TSA has not closed down..... The locals in Adelaide were supporting TSA in a big way but this was not enough for MF. I don't know the reasons why but IMHO there was not enough profit in them! Some say that Nigel was hard to get a hold of but I don't believe they would be buying direct from him anyway. A lot of people around the world were complaining about lack of parts but Nigel claims there are plenty but if the dealers don't hold them how can you get them? He was looking for a new importer but that doesn't look promising at the moment. Crying shame as these fly really nice and are built like a tank and are good value for money.


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