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Synergy e5 Magnetic mounts Mod


Ozzy Mozzy:
Just thought i would share what I did for Magnetic mounts on my Synergy e5 Canopy.

Dennis put me on to the Protos MaxV2 magnetic mounts.

The base that mounts to the fame is too long, so I cut off 8mm.

With a 2.5mm drill bit I drilled down the center till I got to the side hole. That seemed enough for the mounting screw.

I then mounted it to the frame in the same spot of the synergy ones.....

Mounting the magnet to the canopy I used a shock piston off a Baja 5b..... the inner hole was the right size for the magnet to sit into and worked as a big washer on the outside..... It was also the right thickness!!

It worked out to be perfect!!! Not sure if ill put some at the rear of the canopy yet. But I think it would easier to do.

Thunder Fighter:
Excellent Steve, great write up and pictures. I think I will be doing this mod as well. I guess I will have to improvise on the canopy side as I don't have any Baja shock pistons but I'm sure I will find something that will work. But if not can you find a link to where to source the Baja parts please.

Looks like a much better solution than the N7 front mounts I am using now.


Ozzy Mozzy:
Thanks Dennis, i probably have more baja shock pistons, i'll have a look and let you know.

Couldn't find them locally, the part number is 85412

DDM have them in stock www.davesmotors.com/hpi-85412-shock-piston-set.html


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