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4525 pinion


Hey guys, I'm needing some pinion help, I have a 4525 to go into the TDR, and I have a 13T pinion with no countersink for the step on the 4525 shaft. I also have a 14T pinion with the countersink. I figure the 13T is a better choice of gearing, is the 14T going to be any good? Does anybody have a 13T they feel like selling?


I don't have a TDR, but going by the general rule, a higher T for pinion will be good for a better gear meshing.

You can run  lower Throttle % if you have a good ESC to get the HS down to what you want.

Ive got 13T, but i think the 14T is better, allows max of 1850-1900RPM governed well on that motor


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