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To all the TSA flyers out their,

Looking at getting a TSA 700e but which one the Pro or Platinum? Waiting for a email on list parts and price for the platinum upgrades if I go pro.

I've read up as much as I can and the consensus seems to be the platinum parts aren't really needed and are more for bling. I won't be pushing the heli to its limits until I can fly that much better so is it worth getting the Pro kit and replacing as I break stuff or even getting a platinum kit down the track and relegating the pro to a spares heli once it's a bit long in the tooth?

 All ways thought plastic blade grips didn't look right but I've never had an issue with my logo's plastic stuff so its probably more mind set then anything.

Any Pro and Platinum owners/flyers care to give their 2c?


I have a platinum N. Go the platinum I say. Otherwise you may find 4 to 6 weeks down the road you wish you did.
No need to upgrade a single thing if ya go the platinum :)

I have both the 600N and 700N  PRO versions, and I'll have to disagree with scootr..
 Whilst the 600N has only done 20 odd flights, the 700 has done lots , with no signs of wear and tear at all, and definitely no need to add any metal bling anywhere..

I did have an unwanted planet impact with the 600 , inverted , broke blades and servo gears is all ; no airframe damage  ....

 Great value heli .....

Thanks guys,

I guess my heart won over my head and I went platinum anyway, like you said no real need its more the look of the alloy tail assembly. Just have to hope they get in the placcy servo arms before its finished.


PS Watched Hamish fly at whiteman park over the weekend it'll well and truley do anything I could possible do or dream to do.

I just finish assembly my 700N platinum


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