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Miniature Aircraft shutting it's doors??

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Taken straight from their Facebook page this morning;

Miniature Aircraft USA  
2 hours ago  
After 26 years in business, Miniature Aircraft USA has decided to close its doors. Over the last 26 years we’ve strived to provide the highest quality American made products using American labor, American made CNC machines and American made raw materials. Due to the influx of overseas brands and increase cost of producing models in the USA, we can no longer continue to produce and stay competitive in this market.  We can’t fully express our deep gratitude for your business and support. Serving all our loyal team pilots and customers has been nothing but an absolute pleasure.
Our last effective day of business will be February 28, 2014. Until that date, we will continue to accept and process your orders as normal. After February 28th all remaining Miniature Aircraft products will sell through HeliProz, Ron’s HeliProz South and all other MA Dealers.  
Please contact us with any questions or comments. Our commitment to providing you the best service and support is still our top priority. Thank you again for a great 26 years.
Miniature Aircraft

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Sad. But given today's global cut-throat manufacturing industry it really is evolve or die.

Look at Holden and Toyota.

Not good.

If you want this to stop, buy less HK, buy more Hirobo.

WTF...?? This sux big time!!

Lyle, Australian distributor -
"Well I woke up this morning to the news that MA is closing its doors and thought oh ****. Then started to wonder were to from here. Three hours later and some phone calls I had answers to my questions. In brief Chris The owner of Miniature Aircraft USA has decided to close MA. Miniature Aircraft USA is for sale, and if someone buys it the new owners can continue making these great machines. Until then as stated in their press release, all kits and parts that they have in stock will be available to purchase. They have a lot of stock, and just because that they are no longer manufacturing parts after the 28th of this month doesn't mean you as a MA Customer will not be supported."


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