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Recommend me a plank

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I would like to try an electric plane down at the local school oval.  It's going to get crashed so must be hardy.

Slow stable and smooth is required.  Spektrum too to suit my dx7.

Any recommendations?


Get any of the park zone planes with AX3s. Basically it's a 3axis gyro. Makes them so easy to fly

Hk do a nice lil 800 mm sbach with all the bits bar rx and lipo, which is fairly tough but flies reLly sweet that may be an option.

A guy at our feild has this one, very cheap, from the aus warehouse too.

I cannot recommend enough the SkyWing 48" foamies.

Huge thread here:

These planes fly so well, 3D great, yet can be toned down to fly as scale as you like at a very slow speed. It's cheap, and runs on very common parts:
- 40A to 60A esc
- 3S 2200mah packs
- Hs-65hb servos for all
- Lightweight motor
- 13x6.5prop APC, or slightly smaller if you don't need max power

these were so good, 3DHS, arguably the best biggest and most popular plank makers, actually bought distributor rights from SkyWing so no one can buy one in the US. They then commissioned them to build pretty much the same planes with a few mods here and there, rebranded them 3DHS and are selling them for twice the price, more or less.

It's a plane you can crash a lot, fix with epoxy, and go fly again. I think one of the guys have a patched Frankenstein still flying after 50 or so crashes.

I've got one, roped into buying it by my plank-flying buddy. Now he doesn't even fly his balsa planks anymore and bashes on this instead, and has progressed from scale flying to doing all kinds of 3D stuff 10' off the ground in a matter of weeks!

As for me, I didn't even dare hover my balsa Precision Aerobatics Extra MX.. But this thing has helped me progress to torque rolls, knife edge 8s, and pretty much all te fun and relaxing stuff plank flying is... And in a short time too


--- Quote from: rchelijc;1528840 ---I cannot recommend enough the SkyWing 48" foamies.
--- End quote ---

Where did you buy these?  Thanks.



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