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Crashed - Another new plank for stevo1957 - E-flite DHC-2 Beaver

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Hi guys,

 I went to a car boot sale at the RAAFMAC club this morning out at Richmond.

 One of our club members had a brand new in box E-Flite Beaver that I purchased for $100.
 He's had it for a year or 2 but hasn't got around to building it.

 It's ARF so I'll organise some electrics for it shortly.

 It's a great looking model. Fantastic build quality and scale realism, as you'd expect from E-flite.

 These are still selling for $289 so I was rather pleased with my purchase!

 Here's the plane itself:



Yep - I got to get a sneak peak of it yesterday and Steve may I say you have a very nice Beaver..

PS: The link doesn't work..

Thanks John,

mmmm........don't think we'll go there!

Try the link now - it works for me.



Hi guys,
I need 6 servos for this plank and JR MN48's are suggested.

Size Category:Minis and Micros
Type:AnalogTorque:48 oz-in (3.5kg-cm) @ 4.8V
Speed:0.18 sec/60° @ 4.8V; 0.15 sec/60° @ 6.0V
Length:1.30 in (33.0mm)
Width:0.58 in (14.7mm)
Height:1.02 in (25.9mm)
Weight:0.8 oz (22.7g)
Bushing Or Bearing:Bearing
Application:20- to 40-size Aircraft

These are around $25 each so I was researching for cheaper but reasonable quality alternatives.
The Hextronix D-MG16 is the right price at around $9 and gets pretty good reviews.
Specs for this servo:
Model: D-MG16
Weight: 18.8g
Torque: 2.9kg @6v
Speed: .08sec
Voltage: 4.8 to 6v
Size: 29 x 11.2 x 29mm
Gear: Metal
So anyone used these or can recommend an alternative?

Steve - I used the MG16's in my modified 450 pro.. they were ok but a little bit of slop in the gear train - but you'll probably not notice that in a plank so much. They are the same size as the hitec HS-81/2 servos which are heaps better if you can afford them (twice the price of the mg16's)

Those JR's are wider than the other mini servos - so make sure they fit.. if the kit is made for them then you may have trouble fitting the others as the jr's have 2 mounting holes per side and the others have only one.

The Jr's look a tad more powerful but are slower than the hitecs..


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