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What a great day!

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Hi guys,

Since getting bitten by the plank bug, my helis basically haven't been touched.
I can hover and do basis forward , side and back flight, but have been struggling to get the :nose in" stuff happening. I have 4 of them and have sunk quite a few dollars into them so if I was to sell, I would only recoup part of my costs and probably kick myself in future for getting rid of them.

So they've been on the shelf while I have fun with my 3 planks (soon to be 4!)
The orientation skills I'm learning with my planks will help me if and when I decide to go back to the helis.

I was at my club today and asked one of our instructors if he could certify me for solo flight so that an experienced pilot didn't need to be with me whilst I was in the pilots box.

He came down and while watching, asked me to do a few manouvers, to which I responded reasonably well. Take off was good and landing almost picture perfect.

He said no worries about flying solo...and then said I had just qualified for my "Bronze Wings", issued by the MAAA (national association.) I wasn't aware that what he was asking me to do was the proficiency test.

Bronze Wings are the first level of certification. I was grinning from ear to ear when I heard what I was awarded. I'm 55 next week but felt like a kid.

Yep - helis are dead to me for now!



wow - that's great news steve - congrats..

I was all ready to go to the club this morning (weather said sunny all day) but was drizzling and yuk - so stayed home all day :(

Didn't think anyone would be there.. Doh!

So does that bronze cover planks and helis or just planks?

PS: Helis dead for ya - never... it's just a momentary lapse in sanity...

Thanks John,

Planks only mate. The certification form is noted FIXED WING POWERED - BRONZE WINGS and the manouevers are different.

Weather was a bit drizzly to start but basically we flew from 9am till we went home at 12.30.

I got about 8 or 9 packs through the Minimag :)



Congrats Stevo

This is just the beginning. Sold my helis and now have planks, fpv planks, slope glider wings, indoor planks and am having so much fun!!!


I'd suggest hang on to your heli-s just have a rest from heli-s for a while and enjoy your planes, you only have to watch CT to realise heli-s really drop in value and some of the final selling prices would make you cry from your initial investment $.
Planes will help you with confidence, enjoyment of RC again and flight orientation, before you know it you'll pick up a heli- and start enjoying them again with a renewed vigor. :2c:

Enjoy the fun times :D


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