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Guys! You all need to be aware that this site/thread is not for just every link or weird thing that you might find on the web!

Please keep the topics of idleTORQUE a little more sane and well, just in better taste in the future.

Due to other things that the Admin team and Mods need to keep track of, there is really no need for this type of thing to be posted here on ArcHeli.

Please understand this decision, as its been discussed long and well before now, and its come to the point that I and the other mods have had a enough of this type of thing.

Respectively Rolf

It has been mentioned before that arcHeli and Idle Torque are not to be used for cross posting random and off topic videos you encounter on the internet - people can go directly to those sites to view them
Having said that, there have been some great on topic uTube links regarding heli's and mechanical engineering endevours
The specfic rules you need to reference are:

--- Quote from: stardotstar;958970 ---Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic, illegal or offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: stardotstar;958970 ---Idle Torque
Discussions not directly related to the Australian RC Heli Main Forums - you MUST register to post in this forum.
This is arcHELI's "off-topic" forum. The standard definition of an off-topic forum in a special interest community is that the content there does not directly relate to the core focus of the community. This forum on arcHELI is for "idle", "inconsequential" or "diversionary" threads for entertainment and general interest only, it is not an "Anything Goes/Free For All" forum such as those on some social networking communities.
Debate of substance, consequence or wider import is discouraged since arcHELI is not predisposed to provide a forum in which matters of significance outside its core competencies (RC Helicopters) are to be debated.
Common sense dictates that whilst this forum is open for anything off-topic, it is to be expected that matters of consequence cannot be adequately supported or endorsed by arcHELI.
Notable exceptions will of course arise but I urge all members to exercise good taste, common decency, maturity and dignity in all their contributions on the site; and Idle Torque is no exception.

--- End quote ---


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