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after a couple of promptings and suggestions I have remembered to make another plug here for the growing Plane community we have going at

Whilst I am not wanting to detract from the availability of a place for heli guys with planes to chat about that aspect of their hobby on arcHELI, I encourage those of you with a passion for the fixed wing side of things to help with the growing community at arcPLANE.

Best regards,

Looks good Will, I pointed a friend of mine who flies planks there while back.

Get behind this site and make it as popular as heli, most of us have a plank or two so why not support the aussie plank equilivent of this site! The more members the more knowledge that can be shared

I have been telling the plankers at Rebels to log on and check it out, dont know how many have but will hit them up again tomorrow.


maybe advertise arc plane on arc heli as many plankers are on archeli...


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