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Title: Compass Exo with Minimal Flights.
Post by: savage600 on July 08, 2018, 01:14:21 PM
Hi guys, I have a second Heli up for sale.

I have had this Compass Exo for not that long really and I had all good intentions on pushing my flying etc, but it has sat on the shelf for a while now and I have put about 4 flights on it and it had about 8 flights prior to me buying it.

Sometimes I just want something new and get caught up in that excitement.

In reality though the intent isn't there for me to push myself flying wise and I have other interests I want to follow, as I have found a passion for flying wings and the relaxed nature of flying them, plus I want to get a 3d printer and build that with the kids and my interests lie elsewhere atm.

The Heli is in excellent condition with a couple of hairline cracks in the canopy where the mounts are, and there were a couple of marks on the blades when I bought it.

I spent considerable time on the head and tail to get it even better and it really does fly like a dream and would be the best thing I have flown.

The heli comes with Hv Mks servos, Hobbywing 100 amp platinum pro esc with fan, rage motor Blades from the original kit, Mini-v blue with pro software and 2 x dsmx sats ( I will keeping the sats for my wing though), 2 x 6s 3300 mah packs which have been kept at storage charge when not in use, a heap of spares aswell.

Asking Price is $1200 plus post and paypal fees

We could also agree on items to remove to make it cheaper.

Pics to come in following posts.

Heli is listed Elsewhere.

I could also do a payment plan with a serious buyer, but there would be a non refundable deposit rerquired, as I have been screwed around previously and lost the sale because of that.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Cheers Dave..

Title: Re: Compass Exo with Minimal Flights.
Post by: savage600 on July 08, 2018, 01:16:49 PM

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