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Title: Compass Chronos
Post by: JakeSutho on February 20, 2018, 09:53:10 PM
So I've had my Chronos a while but always found myself flying the 600's. Time to move it on. I wouldn't have had more than 50 flights on it. Never been crashed, although I had a hard landing on a auto once. Stress fracture on the lower left side frame. Perfectly flyable. See photos....

Included (as photographed)
-Chronos Kit
-Spin Mains (junk as blades fyi)
-Edge Tails
-Castle Edge 160hv
-Scorpion 4525-520kv
-Gryphon 20A BEC
-Gens Ace 5000's stick & Optipower 5800's stick, both bought from new, kept at storage, very low cycle count as mentioned above.

$$$..... Not sure, make me a decent offer.

(RRP 1120+70+30+350+440+80+batts= 2090+batts)

Will try sell as listed first, however if no decent offers come in i'll split in a few weeks..