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Title: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: bear on February 18, 2018, 06:36:19 PM
hi there everyone , so after being out of the hobby for a long time maybe 8 years or so   I'm thinking it might be time to have another go at the heli thing .
just after thoughts on what are decent machines these days ?
I still have a few of my old machines ( still have a 600 and a 700 size kasama ,raptor 90 se and a few others ) but would rather start new as it might make parts ect a lot easier to come by ,
looking at maybe the 550 to 600 size to start out with 
used to love the aligns but bit worried about parts availability 
so tell me what are the good things these days  :thumbsup:
Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: Ozzy Mozzy on February 18, 2018, 11:17:22 PM
Logo 600 would be my pick!
Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: Thunder Fighter on February 19, 2018, 03:36:18 AM
Welcome back. 😀

I am a bit biased but have a look at the Soxos 550 combo kit. The included servos are over spec for a 550, I am using them in my 700 and they are great and the HobbyWing ESC is one of the best brands at the moment. Just add Rx, FBL and batteries and you have a very capable setup with reasonably priced parts and great local support in Australia (ok so I am very biased) . :rofl: (

Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: Wehrwolf on February 19, 2018, 07:57:13 AM
There are good helis in the class
Synergy E5, 550 stretchable to 600
Goblin 570
Trex 550X
plus the Soxos and Logo.

All are stocked in Aus and you'd find parts  available most of the time.
Mad4Heli are the local Align distributors.

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Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: helitone on February 19, 2018, 09:14:51 AM
welcome back
Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: riley2 on March 19, 2018, 08:33:07 PM
Sounds like I'm in the same boat. I'm looking at getting back into the hobby after over 5 years and have no idea what help to get. I used to ha e a  trec600, raptor 50 and synergy n5. Looking forward to see everyone's recommendations as it looks like the sport has changed a lot!!!
Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: bear on March 24, 2018, 11:52:33 AM
hey riley we ended up with a trex 550 and have to say its a nice little chopper 
flew it for a few minutes landed and put a vbar in it and its spot on 
would highly recommend both 
Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: riley2 on March 25, 2018, 09:19:04 PM
Good to hear you are happy with your choice oh heli. I've been doing some research and looks like I need to go electric. I am definitely keen on a 600 size but a n5 is pretty close. Can anyone recommend a starting place for lots, servos, battery's etc. I'm keen to do some minor 3D flying but never done so with electric. It seems you can fly a heli with anywhere from a 6s up to 12s battery. Should I be starting with 6s and a decent setup of motor and esc?
Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: Thunder Fighter on March 25, 2018, 11:02:12 PM
Starting with your last question first, you can fly a 600 on 6s but you need to keep the headspeed low so you don’t stress the packs. It works fine like this for learning and you can go with a cheaper low voltage ESC, you just need get the right motor KV to match. The only issue is as you progress and want to start throwing around the Heli more you will want higher headspeed and that will stress the 6s pack in a 600 size Heli. A 12s setup will remove the issue of stressing the packs, but if you start with a low Voltage setup you will need to swap motor, ESC and batteries which is not cheap. So while a 12s setup is not needed for basic flying up to sports flying, it will be a limit longer term so most go with a 12s setup on the 600 size to start with. By the sounds of it with your previous experience you should start with a 12s setup.

Another option is to look at a 550 size which will work well on a single 6s pack, if you want to stay with the simplicity of 6s. I really like the 600 size myself but the size has been a little neglected recently with most new Helis being released in the 700, 550 and 500 and 380 sizes.

A few Helis are available in combo packs like the Align Helis and the Soxos 550 I linked above, these will make your setup easier as they come preconfigured with a suitable ESC, motor and correct gearing. But if you want to go with a choose your own components we can help here on arcHELI with making sure any configurations you are considering will work.

Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: riley2 on March 26, 2018, 10:17:30 AM
Thanks Thunder Fighter. I've done some research overnight and your comment regarding a 600 sized heli seems to make sense. 550 seems to be the popular size and if I can get away with 6s in a 550 size then I'm willing to go down that road as they aren't that much smaller.

I've had 450 sized electric helis in the past but nothing bigger so any help with a 550 setup is much appreciated. I've been looking at the synergy E5 which sounds like a nice heli considering I had the N5 years ago. Working on an N5, can anyone recommend a half decent 6s setup for mild 3D? sometimes I don't trust the combos but I have been out of the hobby for years so these might be better these days.

Flybarless system- Vbar seems popular?
Motor, ESC?
servo suggestions?

I still have my DX7 tx which works perfectly still. Will this be sufficient still?
Title: Re: here we go ............ again !!!!!!!!
Post by: Thunder Fighter on March 28, 2018, 06:52:51 AM
So starting with a motor you will need a 4020 or 4025 motor with around 1000-1200kv for most 6s 550 setups. Both Scorpion and XNova make good options in this size.

ESC you will want a minimum of a 100A and up to a 130A low voltage ESC. HobbyWing, Castle creations, Scorpion or Kontronik all have suitable ESC’s. The Hobbywing and Scorpions seem the be a popular choice at the moment.

Your DX7 should still be suitable but will miss some of the new features like Telemetry which is very useful for replacing a timer so you can fly to your battery capacity instead of just time. So it will depend a bit on your budget on if you want to replace your Tx to gain some new features.

For FBL I would recommend getting something that is used by people you fly with, it makes your initial setups much easier if you have people with experience of the FBL you go with the first few times you setup and tune it. There are many great options out there, one question is if you want rescue available or not, some offer this as a paid upgrade while others include it in their base firmware and some don’t have it available.

Brain/Ikon, Sprit, Bavarian Demon are fairly widely used and come with rescue, the Vbar Neo and BeastX have rescue as a payed upgrade and the CGY750 and Spartan don’t offer it. The Vbar works best with a Vcontrol Tx for the newer Neo’s but you can always pickup an older Vbar which fly really well but you loose the possibility of rescue. The Brain/Ikon and the Vbar are probably the most popular at the moment.

Servos you will need full size for most 550’s and there are budget brands like BK (has both cheaper and more expensive lines), KST, RJX, etc or more expensive brands like Futaba, MKS and Expert. It will again come down to your budget and if you can afford $200+ per servo or $120 per servo.