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Author Topic:  Blade 450x Starter Kit (everything you need)  (Read 371 times)

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Blade 450x Starter Kit (everything you need)
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:40:24 AM »

Hey all!

Selling my kit as I just can’t fit it in (kids, work) and don’t really want it to just sit around. Plus I can use the money.

This is the Blade 450x v2 (BLH1900) with metal gear servos & Helical Main Gear

This was great to learn on, and yes - crash, simply because it is cheap and you can still get parts.

The sale includes:

- Blade 450x BLH1900
- Spektrum Dx7S (with charger and trainer cable)
- 6 x batteries (one may be on the way out)
- carry cases
- Hitec X2 AC Plus charger with Turnigy 240W PSU and EP Buddy Paraboard
- Spares (alone worth $350):
BLH1657 Tail Boom (x 1.5 packs)
BLH1653 Tail Gear (x 1 pack)
BLH1901 Main Gear (x 1.5 packs)
BLH4321 Feathering Shaft (x 2.5 packs)
BLH1632 Washout Control Arm Set (x 1 pack)
BLH1634 Anti Rotation Bracket (x 1 pack)
BLH4347 Main Shaft (x 1.5 packs)
BLH4301 Flybarless Linkage Set (x 1 pack)
BLH1902 10T Pinion (x 1 pack)
BLH1639 Mainframe (x 1 pack)
BLH4317 Main Grips (x 1 pack)
BLH1663 Tail Case (x 1 pack)
BLH4338 Linkage Rod/Pushrod Set (x 1 pack)
BLH1676 Servo Arm Set (x 1 pack)
BLH1661 Tail Boom Support (x 1 pack)
BLH1645 Skids (x 2 packs)
1 x New Yellow Canopy
1 x Damaged (useable) Blue Canopy
1 x Damaged (installed) Yellow Canopy
Blade CF 325mm Set (slight chip)

Please feel free to ask any questions - please note that there is a crack in the vertical tail fin which I have not replaced as it does not affect flight. If there are any photos you want that aren't listed, just ask!

Pickup will likely be preferred due to the size. If you do want it posted it may be expensive, but let me know and I can get you dimensions and weight etc.

I am looking at $800 but of course am open to offers less than that. Or more than that if you really want

No lowball offers please. Thanks for looking!

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