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Author Topic: Long flight times  (Read 543 times)

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Long flight times
« on: October 16, 2017, 05:15:27 PM »
Out practicing today with my 700 and was surprised how efficient it is now. With the VTX blades and running a low headspeed I managed over 10 minutes of practice in a flight on a 12s 5000mah pack. The whole flight was spent doing half piroflips with both left and right rudder from upright and inverted with some full piroflips thrown into to keep things interesting.

The heli is optimised for lower head speed flying with the very torquey HK5025 motor that pulls well at low head speeds and the 697mm VTX blades and 115mm tails. At 1600rpm and 11.5 deg pitch there is plenty of collective and cyclic authority. With the VTX blades you normally drop head speed by 100-150rpm to get equivalent response so it is probably similar to flying at around 1700-1750rpm with standard type blades, but with the added efficiency. 

Doing a mixed flight with some more aggressive collective moves had me down to around 9 min 30 flight time at the club on the weekend if I stick in my low head speed for the whole flight. If I crank it up then 1900rpm gives me somewhere around 6 + minutes and this is perfect for my F3N Set manoeuvres and also my FTM and Freestyle components of the competition. The 2050rpm I have as my high head speed I pretty much never use, but it does increase the sound level of the heli from whisper quiet to having a bit more bite.


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Long flight times
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2017, 08:22:10 PM »
I fly scale and get 10+ minute flight times on all my machines, but the longest performer is my Synergy 766 which I also fly in a scale style. I have the timer set for 15 minutes but can easily get another 3 mins or so up to 18 mins! Plenty of time to practice! Can do two separate flights of 8 mins too if preferred which is handy.

Still need to tach it to find out the exact headspeed, but the lowest flyable is good if the tail holds and there is only light winds. I often stay on bank 1 with the vcontrol and go to slightly higher headspeed if there is significant wind.

Setup is
Kontronik Pyro 700-45L motor
Kontronik Jive 80HV ESC
Vbar Neo
Torq servos
Spinblades 710 asymmetric mains
Spinblades 115 asymmetric tails
Low pinion
2 x Gens Ace 5000 45c packs (12S)

To me, Kontronik gear always seems to handle it well without getting hot and can operate comfortably at low power and the Active Freewheeling helps with efficiency.

A few years ago I was getting a bit bored of the Trex 600 Pro with my style of flying and soon discovered low headspeed and fell in love with flying again. Feels safer, more controllable and different skills required....and longer flight times! Love it!
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Offline Thunder Fighter

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Re: Long flight times
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2017, 11:22:03 PM »
A 766 with that size motor and asymmetric blades I am not surprised you have long flight times. I have found a large can motor is much better for low headspeed 3d flight, but for scale flight I totally understand your choice and the pyro 700 is probably one of the most efficient motors available.

I was running a pyro 800 in my 760 blade Protos but while it was fine at higher headspeeds it struggled at low headspeed, it is only a 5020 size can so it's not that surprising. I put a 5035 motor in and went up to 800 blades and it transformed the low headspeed response where it had immediate power and kept on going as you leant on the collective. The 5025 in the DB7 is similar in the low headspeed response is amazing. The pyro 800 is now in my F3C machine on 716mm blades and works very well in that setup, giving 15 minute flights when I do hovering practice for competition and I usually finish my competition flights with both the aerobatics and hovering with 40% capacity remaining in the packs.

Protos 380 Evo : MSH Mini Protos FBL - stretch
SAB Goblin 700 Nightflyer : Logo 600 Buddybox trainer
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