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Author Topic: Welcome to the homeBREW Forum  (Read 610 times)

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Welcome to the homeBREW Forum
« on: May 10, 2010, 10:41:05 AM »
Hi all,

After much discussion and consultation with the Frequent Flyers and Admin Team I have formulated policy that attempts to build a framework in with DIY and homeBREW projects can be facilitated, encouraged and fostered on arcHELI.

At this time it is visible only to members of arcHELI who have one of the subscribed levels of membership.

There is likely to be information and opportunity in this forum which will be of great benefit to the wider community by virtue of encouraging and facilitating the work of members with an innovative talent or inspiration to design and publish something that otherwise would be impractical given time, resources, facilities or investment constraints.

This concept has the potential to casue conflict with the arcHELI forum policies on promotion, advertising and sponsorship and therefore I have tried to design a system that will mitigate these risks.

Please refer to the arcHELI Rules and Regulations which now contain a full section on the homeBREW forum and the method by which it can be used.

The forum you see here, if you are a financial member is the area in which apporoved projects will be posted and your membership permissions will allow you to reply and generally interact as normal.  You cannot however creat new threads.

Members of the homeBREWERS group (accessed by PM or group membership application) are able to see the sub-forum here - "homeBREW Proposals".  Once you are a member of the homeBREWERS you will be able to create new threads in the Proposals forum and, once approved that thread will be moved to the homeBREW forum where members may reply and generall interact as normal.

I have insisted on the ticking of the "agree" box for this forum; since it is so new and has the potential for much tuning I refer everyone to the rules and regulations and ask that any comment or question is made in memberSERVICE.  I will attempt to ensure that all things are considered as the intent of this is to benefit the whole community with an emphasis on the quality of offerings that arcHELI is committed to facilitating for the Aussie RC Heli enthusiast.

I will not quote the new section here as it will change as the practicalities of the system emerge, instead I urge those of you interested to read it in the Rules and Regs...

Best regards,
  The arcSTAFF are here to help you.
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Welcome to the homeBREW Forum
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2011, 10:44:57 AM »
Akroplane1 makes a very nice drop of home brew, as Robwil can tell you. many a time I have had to call the GLW to come and pick me up.
[m]l will figure out this flying caper soon [/m]