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Title: An Open Source Telemetry Script for the Taranis.
Post by: savage600 on April 18, 2018, 09:03:22 PM
Hey Guys, I have had my H550 Hexacopter for a while now and haven't had the 3dr Pixhawk on there for that long, but have wanted some telemetry for w while now.

I had been doing a bit of looking around and stumbled across this Ardu Pilot Discourse blog and followed it up some more.

Following I will provide a couple of links to the information for any who may want it. I will also include a link for those interested in making up their own Telemetry cable.

I have only just installed it and got it working on my Taranis X9d plus lastnight and it worked in the end. I was probably more worried about doing the whole thing than I needed to be lol.

I installed the Script by Yaapu and have the Craft and Theory Cable for a intrem thing, but i have gear on the way to make up my own.

I hope this may help some.

Cheers Dave.