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Title: Gaui X5 fbl
Post by: savage600 on April 16, 2018, 10:43:59 PM
 I have a New Exo with good gear in it I am not really able to keep both Heli's and I want to spend some money on my Hexacopter and buy something to build with the kids, so if things were different I wouldn't be selling it, but I guess it's just how things are.
I originally bought the Heli as a Gaui X5 Formula, but I had a crash in the later part of last year ( I think it was ) and busted the normal things in the crash, but all of the Electrics, Shafts and all Alloy bits were all O.K. I tested the shafts by removing them and rolling them on glass and they were all as they were when purchased. 
As it was a V1 Formula kit, I searched around for a V1 fbl kit at first, but ended up getting a V1 FB kit.   
I rebuilt the Heli with the same electrics, main shaft, spindle shaft and tail pulley shaft aswell ( as some of these were specific to a FBL Heli). I used all the bits from the fresh kit for the rest of it , with the exception of any upgrade bits that were on the formula version over the fb version. 
I purchased a number of spares prior to the crash and was hoping I would never need them.
In terms of Electrics, it has a Gaui mini-v with dsmx sats ( but will keep these if not required), standard Gaui Servos on Cyclic and Rudder that came with the kit, a Gaui ( rebadged hobbywing ) 100 amp esc. 
I have two Turnigy HD 6s 4000 60-120c lipo's that would have only had a handfull or two of flights.
The old frame is included and could be used if you needed. 

I noticed a few marks on some of the alloy bits and blades from the new kit before I used any of it.

I can provide additional pics if required.

I took the heli out a few weeks ago and it flew perfectly and was very stable.

The buyer is to pay for the Paypal fees, Postage and Packaging cost and also additional insurance if required.

Item is located in the Adelaide Hills.

The heli is listed elsewhere.

Asking price is around $700 plus post and PayPal fees ,  but if you are serious, then we can talk a deal

Cheers Dave.(

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Title: Re: Gaui X5 fbl
Post by: savage600 on April 21, 2018, 11:19:24 PM
Price change to $650 plus postage and this is negotiable.

Cheers Dave.
Title: Re: Gaui X5 fbl
Post by: savage600 on April 22, 2018, 04:19:06 PM
Blow it, make it $600 plus postage, paypal fees etc.

Cheers Dave.