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Title: Introduce (or re-introduce) yourself
Post by: sneekypete on April 16, 2018, 11:30:54 AM
Hey everyone!

Trying to kick everything off in this forum with people coming back, or just joining I thought a quick "who I am" might help?

So I'll go first ;)

I've been following RC heli's since 2007, but only bought my first "proper" heli (Goblin 500 Sport) in November last year. Before that, I had a DJI Phantom 3 Professional (I wanted a heli, she wanted a drone, we compromised and I got a drone) and before that I had a Blade MCPX V2, which realistically I spent too much money on upgrading to brushless and crashing and fixing and repeating.

I love the learning curve with these machines. Programming, building, flying, learning. Teaching yourself to think differently in different orientations. 

Working life I'm a FIFO worker. I've been in the drilling industry since 2006 working both surface and underground. 2 week on 1 week off rosters means flying time during my breaks if precious and only happens during week days while kids are at school and wife is at work. I fly alone at a local sporting complex. Taught completely through forums/facebook and podcasts.

That's me in a nut shell. 

Fire away folks, and happy safe flying!

Title: Re: Introduce (or re-introduce) yourself
Post by: Ozzy Mozzy on April 16, 2018, 06:04:52 PM
Great idea mate!!

I'm nearly 47 and have 5 daughters! yeah i know right!!!!! :cry:

I have been into the dirt bikes, four wheel driving, muscle cars, road bikes, rally driving and had the privileged to work on some very cool drag cars & burnout cars, which I have recently retired from...

Ok, so it all started a long time ago with the Offroad buggies and truggies, not long after that monster trucks! Then came brushless power and Lipos.... then i got into rock crawlers..... I built myself a custom 1/5th scale brushless buggy, after that i bought a 2 stoke 1/5th scale Baja.

The Baja really got me hooked and before I knew it I had all kinds of them, Brushless, shorty, 4x4 and a 57cc twin engine beast.... I even started up my own forum for large scale RC and it ended up the biggest one in Australia....

I also got into the big boats, petrol and brushless. The biggest one was called The Other Woman, she was 2.33M long...

Then finally the Helis!!! Hooked straight away and never looked back.

Title: Re: Introduce (or re-introduce) yourself
Post by: muzz on April 17, 2018, 08:53:53 PM
Well hello all

My story goes a bit like this, I started in the hobby somewhere around 2002 buying a Hirobo shuttle ZXX flybared with a OS 30 nitro engine from Wings and things in Gladesville Sydney ( funny story to come about this )It was the first Heli I built and thought I did a magnificent job in the build only to find out later on when joining a club I had no idea at all about mechanically setting up a RC Heli 
So was advised to purchase a sim which I did 
The sim started the Heli nose in so I thought this was the norm never being to a club and proceeded to learn to take off and hover nose in ( still do to this day much to many people’s amazement) and I am Irish born so maybe that has something to do with being back to front lol
So every after noon in my small backyard I would mount the training legs fire the shuttle up smoke the neighbour hood out and practise then back to the sim for the night ( I felt like a addict at this stage) I done this for months till I got to a point where I took the training legs off and could take off hover and land without them. So then I started to get the idea I needed a new move, a pirouette in the backyard, well didn’t go to well straight into the fence two fence panels needing replacing and a lot of money in spares!

So once rebuilt I joined a club to learn how to fly and this forum that’s when I found out that I had no idea about setting up a Heli, I was flighting it just to fly it but with some help from the gurus I had a Heli that nearly flew hands off. They couldn’t believe that when I went for my first hover that I put the Heli facing nose in to take off, was told you need to turn it around and my comments where I can’t take off that way lol.

So may be 5 years off flying and many helis raptors, miniature aircraft, hirobo the politics in the clubs was getting to much for me being restricted to fly between certain times mainly afternoons due to the plankers 
My addiction was dead and the passion had gone.

I got out of the hobby for may be 7 years where I raced gas powered RC boats built a few cars that I use to take to the track and drag.
One of the guys I meet when I first joined a club that I remained friends with called me about 16 months ago now and said you wouldn’t believe it there is a Heli only club just down the road from your house we should go have a look, and a spark inside me was f*@# yeah.
Here is where the funny part comes into it... the guy that sold me my first Heli at wings and things was the founder and President of the HYLAND Flying Club
So that was it after the first day down to have a look I had swallowed the biggest lure know to man and am hooked hard core and am on the web looking for a Heli that night.
I have the passion back stronger than ever spent shit loads in th last 16 months but love it.

Title: Re: Introduce (or re-introduce) yourself
Post by: WoodyB on April 17, 2018, 10:51:12 PM
Okay guys been following this feed and thought I would do the same.

I have been flying for about 4 years now from when I join Rebels Flying Club. Had a couple of Helis (coaxial and fixed pitch) prior but went to Rebels when considering collective pitch. They introduced me to Archeli and between the help at the club and this forum haven’t looked back. My interest is sports flying and scale but importantly the social interaction with club members is great as well. For me as a retired person I need an interest and although I don’t fly as well as some it’s something I find interesting, exciting and even scary at times.

I think we have a great hobby with incredible support from others involved.

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Title: Re: Introduce (or re-introduce) yourself
Post by: sneekypete on April 23, 2018, 07:37:06 AM
Well I went down to what is probably my closest field over the weekends (KAMS) and was very impressed. Some amazing flying and a great location. Pretty sure I’ve convinced my wife on both a) a membership; and b) a 700 class heli!

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