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Title: My H550 Hexacopter.
Post by: savage600 on April 15, 2018, 08:40:44 PM
 Hey guys,  I thought I might share some pics and info of the Hexacopter I have had for a while.

I have had this for a while now and got it I  a deal of off gumtree I reckon.

It is a H550 Hexacopter from HK  and it came with a complete second Hexacopter with motors and speedies.

Originally it was fitted with apm boards and that kids what I flew with for a while  but add the  apm gear is old gear and not sorted that much anymore ,  I finally got a genuine 3dr Pix hawk.

I fitted the Pixhawk to the top deck and that was o.k. but now I have a decent gimbal I have relocated the Pixhawk to the top of the bottom deck and the flight pack to the top deck.

Now for some specs......

A Hexacopter specific Taranis X9d plus with an 8xr rx.
FC Genuine 3dr Pixhawk with gps etc.
A Zener diode to the back of the Pixhawk.
Backup power via a Bec to the servo rail.
Irc splitter.
LDPower MT2214-920kv motors.
LDPower option esc's.
HML 650 Retracts.
Walkera G-3DH Brushless Gimbal.
Sik Radio for telemetry back too my tablet or pc.
Led lights which are operated via a switch on my Taranis XD9 plus.
Frsky smart port sensors for voltage etc.
I am waiting on a craft and theory telemetry cable to be able to get full telemetry to the Taranis.

I also have on the way some serial port converters to make up my own telemetry cables and I'll probably use the Yaapu script for telemetry on the Taranis.

Add I was new to owninga Taranis, it took a but to get used to lol.

I also have to get another camera for my gimbal  as the one I had doesn't work...bugger.

Cheers Dave.


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Title: Re: My H550 Hexacopter.
Post by: Ralph on April 16, 2018, 01:58:22 PM
looks like a complex beast Dave, post back some airborne pics when you can, please.
I've just purchased a DJI Phantom P4P+, luv it, starting to get comfy with it now and working out the available software options etc, it sure is a learning curve, but once you get your head around it, it kind of becomes second nature after a while.
Title: Re: My H550 Hexacopter.
Post by: savage600 on April 18, 2018, 08:35:16 PM
Hey Ralph, thanks for that make. I love to tinker with these things nearly more than flying them lol.

It probably is a little complicated and especially I am new to the 3DR Pixhawk flight Controller and also new to the Taranis X9d plus ( which I bought just for the Hexacopter), but I love a challenge mate.

The Phantom's are a lot more user friendly, but no doubt mate you'll do the right thing when using it etc.

I'll post some pics once I get another Camera for it, as the one it came with was supposed to be new, but I think the guy fired the VTX and the Camera turns on, but does nothing else.

I will get another Camera the same, the Walkera ilook plus HD, yes I said Walkera, they have come a long way over the years.

Cheers Dave.