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Author Topic: For Sale SAB Goblin 700 RC Heli with $1000 of batteries Align Edge KDE direct  (Read 540 times)

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For Sale SAB Goblin 700 RC Heli with $1000 of batteries Align Edge KDE direct
« on: August 08, 2017, 09:34:27 AM »
SAB Goblin 700 Italian Made supermodel, owes me about $4800

Bought this heli as a used bare Frame and rebuilt it from the ground up, have only had 10 flights since then, items listed below as New were fitted then.  Heli is Mint condition, absolutely awesome, have only had a few flights in it but hardly gets used so decided to move it on

Head: all rebuilt new bearing and dampeners
Belts: New pinion and tail drive belt
Frame: New Bearings through most
Belt adjuster, New spring kit
Engine adjuster: New spring kit and new heat sink plate  
Main Blades:  New 695
Tail: New Genuine SAB 3 Blade systems
Tail Blades: New SAB
New Ball links throughout
New Align Metal servo horns on cyclic
New Tail boom (genuine SAB)
New Canopy (Never fitted still in box)
Upgrades to frame
New Rail Edge 695 Main Blades (comes with 3 blades if you want to upgrade to 3 blade head)
New SAB 3 blade complete tail
New Canopy and Tail boom (new canopy never flown, used canopy with some cracks also included)
New Tail Grips bearings etc
New style C bell clamp tail slides
New SAB tail power kit
New SAB tail blades
New KDE direct Battery tray
New KDE direct Low profile speedie tray
New SAB tail Brace stiffener
New SAB billet engine tray with cooling fins
New SAB upgrade FBL kit
New Genuine SAB carry bag

New Castle ICE 160 HV ESC
New Castle BEC
New Align Gpro FBL
New Align HV tail servo
Futaba BLS HV swash servo
New 750MX Brushless engine
New Align Metal servo arms  

Batteries are a custom ordered Matched set of ultra light Zippy 5000 compacts mounted on KDE Direct V2 Billet quick change trays (also suit align 700), all internal leads for jumpering and charging as well as 6 cell pull off for BEC connection, Capacitance (anti spark) XT connectors all wrapped in clear heat shrink and velcro’d to Billet quick change plates.  The batteries cost $500 each to set up like this, they are also 10 flights old.  Batteries have been mated since new

Everything in pics is included except the two satellite receivers.  To fly you just need a capable transmitter and receivers and lipo battery charger

Heli will be diss-assembled for freight, its quite expensive due to size, pick up is preferred and available from Yarra Valley Vic

$3000 pickup plus postage if wanted, I estimate it would be about $150-$200 to disassemble and send via insured post, I will only charge the actual postage cost
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